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Feb 27th, 2015
He lived long.
And prosperously.
Feb 9th, 2015
I can't imagine how terrifying that must've been. Being on top of a basically giant spinning fan that's on fire, hundreds of feet up off the ground, and no parachute or safety line or anything to get down in an emergency.
Feb 9th, 2015
That really really really sucks.
Feb 8th, 2015
21... Hope he at least got to have his first adult-drink... I know it sounds odd, but, there's some mile-stones in life that everyone deserves to experience at least one.
Feb 3rd, 2015
Well... I checked his youtube channel.
He had cancer.
... that sucks.
Feb 3rd, 2015
Oh god, what happened?
Feb 3rd, 2015
Jan 26th, 2015
Ahn... how is that been cold exactly?
You got me confused now.
Jan 25th, 2015
Yeah. People who struggle against this kind of stuff can have it tough. Trying to make people accept what you're is quite the task really.

But honestly, I prefer to go around the mountain instead of climbing it.

These people don't need to make others accept them, just flip the ''idon'tcare'' switch on a live on with your life.

1. Some people aren't hardened by other bad things in their life. I get that we want to be a little irritated because they consider this a big deal, but think about what some poor Indian man in Saudi Arabia thinks of your first world problems. It's not good to compare strife; it's relative.

2. Some people are not wired to be cold like that :/
Jan 25th, 2015
O captain, my captain.
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